Regional Clinical Supervisor


Sandy Yokoyama

"My core gift is diversity. I do it by not taking things for granted." 

  • ​Provides support and guidance, and ensures that appropriate policies and procedures are followed.

Program Director


Tuyen Phung


"My core gift is altruism and I use it by being compassionate and empathetic towards others."

  • Directs all operational and program aspects of the Wellness Center West program; including the development and administration of Wellness Center policies, procedures, and programs that increases the level of independent function of consumers.

Assistant Program Director


Morgan Spillan


Develop and implement programs that increase the level of independent functioning of consumers. 

Peer Mentor


Paul Rosenblum

"My core gift is trustworthiness and I use it by standing for what I believe in with kindness." 

  • NA Group
  • Dual Recovery Support Group
  • Relapse Prevention​​​​​
  • ​Our Musical Playground
  • Community Give Back Outing  (HEMOPETS & Food Bank Volunteering)

Employment Specialist


 Denise Cuellar

"My core gift is inspiring others.  I do this by helping people achieve their goals." 

  • Work Units & Value Volunteerism 
  • ​Decision Making Employment​
  • ​Facilitation 101
  • Life Skills​​

Education Specialist


Quinn Tran 

"My core gift is laughter; I use it by being friendly and open."
Education Specialist

  • Vocational Education
  • Easy Cooking on a Budget
  • Basic Computer
  • Typing & Internet Support
  • Social Dance

Housing Specialist


 Mary Andrews

"My core gift is being of service and I use it by sharing recovery."

  • Community Integration Groups  (Social Outings)
  • Housing Skills
  • Living & Thriving​​
  • Relationship & Communication
  • Anger Management

Peer Mentor


 Jamie Riggs

"My core gift is listening and I use it by making people feel comfortable even when they are sad." 

  • Hatha & Chair Yoga
  • Enlightenment  
  • Philosophy​
  • Drawing

Peer Mentor


 Minnie Lucas

"My core gift is love. I use it with kindness and give without expectation."

  • N.A.M.I. Connection 
  • Peer to Peer Training
  • W.R.A.P. Group
  • Beading & Ceramics 
  • Arts & Crafts Group​​

Peer Mentor


 Hao Nguyen

  • Men's Group
  • 'Viet" DBSA Group
  • Karaoke
  • "Viet" W.R.A.P. (coming soon)​

Peer Mentor


 Bill Mahoney

"My core gift is loyalty and I use it to create self-esteem."

  • AA Meetings
  • Pathway to Recovery
  • ​Life Enhancement
  • ​Smoking Prevention
  • Stress Management
  • SMART Goals

Peer Mentor


 Thuy Tran​

"My core gift is patient. I use it by being calm, respecting others, and teaching crochet and knitting."

  • Tai Chi
  • Basic Knitting & Crochet​
  • "Viet" Strength & Bravery Group   
  • "Viet" Media, Arts, Connection  

Peer Mentor


 Howard Woolf 

  • Wisdom for the Spiritual Warrior Group
  • D.B.S.A. Group
  • Community Giveback
  • Karaoke
  • ​Emotions Anonymous

Peer Mentor


 ​Amit Khurana

  • The Poet's Society
  • AA Meetings 
  • Basic Spanish
  • D.B.S.A. Group

Peer Mentor


 Francis Avalos

  • Simple Cuisines
  • Healing & Self-Discovery
  • Women's Group
  • Power of Positivity 

Administrative Assistant


 Paul Tran

"My core gift is making people happy. I do it by not judging others."

Administrative Assistant

  • Provides administrative & ​clerical support for the program.

Data Analyst


 Long Nguyen

"My core gift is peace. I use it by keeping my mind clear."

  • Responsible to develop analysis and reporting capabilities, and to continuously monitor program outcomes.