​Volunteer Opportunities


Work Units for Wellness Center West is divided in various areas designed to manage the everyday tasks associated with the operation of the wellness center.  Involvement will enable a member not only to participate in activities and support groups, but to gain the feeling they are an important part of the Wellness Center.  All member contribution inside the Wellness Center is done so on a voluntary basis.  These activities allow members to gain work skills, stamina, creativity, confidence, and independence.

Business Administration:

Provides Wellness Center members the opportunity to explore their vocational interests through business and office oriented tasks.  Duties of the work unit include answering phones, photocopying, typing, maintaining records of daily attendance, and other clerical/secretarial work.

Building and Maintenance

Provides interested members with an opportunity to participate in the maintenance and day-to-day upkeep of the Wellness Center.  Members are responsible the cleanliness of the center and in the process, learn about nutrition, kitchen safety, safe food handling, and reading food labels.

Outreach and Orientation

Provides outreach to our members and conducts tours of the program for visitors; this alternative work environment is where members strive to develop pre-vocational and vocational skills through projects and coordinating the outreach work for the Wellness Center.

Socialization and Support

​Develops and presents monthly educational workshops, activities, hobby classes, and leisure activities; doing so creates a fun and secure environment for members to meet new people and enjoy each other's company.