Thank you for visiting Wellness Center West today!

We hope you enjoyed the tour and all your questions have been answered.
The followings are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for your reference:

How do I stay active in your database after becoming a member?
Engage in Center’s activities at least once a month every 90 days.
Mailers will discontinue for inactive members, however you may visit our website for ongoing updates.

Why is there a badge requirement?
Your badge helps us identify your membership and from visitors at the Center.
It’s appreciated to wear them while you’re at the Center.

How many bags can each person bring?
Although we care, please limit only 1 bag/backpack per person and leave all valuables at home
Please do not leave personal belonging unattended at all times

Where can I eat and drink?
Only in the culinary academy (kitchen) and water  bottle with cap is okay around the center
Please put your name and a lid on the 8oz. cups provided
Utensils, stove, and oven are reserved for culinary group only

How long can I use the computer per visit?
30 mins limit for computer use and maximum of 10 print/copy per day
Priority goes to school, job search related and we will ask members to rotate when it’s a full house.

Can I take a nap or sleep at the Center?
We understand at times, you may be low energy. 

Please go for a walk, drink some water or go home to rest when you’re not well.
Adequate sleep & proper hygiene is a basic component of wellness. Let’s take better care of ourselves!

What is your policy on Service Animals?
We welcome Trained Service Animals, however no pets are permitted.

Where is the designated smoking area?
Smoking is 20 feet away from the entrance. 

What is the Good Neighborhood Policy?
Our commitment to maintain and respect the surrounding space to the Center by example and with accountability e.g. no littering, engaging in disruptive activities, or anything inappropriate. E.g. Flag pole, parking lot, sidewalk

What is the Social Guideline and Exiting Policy?
To ensure a safe, nurturing environment, any conduct and behaviors listed in the Social Guidelines are to be followed at all times at the Center by all members.The Exiting Policy takes place when social guidelines are violated e.g. being asked to take a break from the Center when it’s not a good day for you.

Who should I reach out to report an incident or get support on an issue?
Our staff are here to help, please see Program Director for immediate support.

How many groups should I participate each day while I’m here at the Center?
As many as you like and or 1-2 groups per visit. (Get rewarded and collect stamps as you go!)
Please speak to Program Director should you have ideas for the Center/Calendar that pertains to your interest.

Thank you for choosing wellness and noting these FAQs.

Please let us know how we can support you and your recovery goals.
We welcome any feedback.