Thank you for visiting our web page. We are dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment for each individual to achieve his/her or one's vision of recovery from mental illness while promoting acceptance, dignity, and social inclusion. 

Visit us to take a guided tour of the Center, meet our staff and some members, receive a monthly activity calendar, and receive an orientation to our program.

Members are encouraged to attend two or more groups per week at the Center and volunteer at least two hours per week in a Work Unit.

Wellness Center West is member-driven; members participate in making decisions and keeping the program running. We invite you to join us and make this your Center!

Types of Groups


  • Emotional Support Group- to aid members with establishing their own ability to cope, understand themselves, connect with others, and address their own recovery goals.
  • Physical Groups- Designed to promote the ability to strive for and achieve a healthy quality of life, while addressing overall member goals related to physical health, nutrition, and overall well-being.
  • Spiritual Groups- Designed to assist members with finding their own personal peace and tranquility while addressing overall member goals related to values and wellness.
  • Social Groups- Provide our members with the opportunity to establish and maintain healthy, positive and lasting relationships with their friends and families while addressing overall member goals related to indoor recreation and community involvement.